Friday, October 16, 2015


I started noticing the phenomena of the angelic presence in 1994, the result of a suppressed sexual attraction. As a resident of the Antilles, I’ve always paid close attention to hurricanes, but when they revealed a mystical dimension in synchronicity with my life, the fun began...

Below is a blurb from some early notes.

Even more surprising to me, the sexual frustration of our repressed physical relationship translated itself into a voice within me. So far in life I had been somewhat too lazy to get satisfaction from masturbation. Maybe not passionate enough, or I just didn’t need to. Neither did I have to make much effort during lovemaking, as I was usually too busy enjoying the experience. Through Asmo my hands took on a life of their own. I still didn’t need to make any effort to seek pleasure…my hands moved themselves. I was shocked and fascinated. I invited this wild gift within me to stay and unparalleled physical pleasure followed.

My spiritual odyssey led to an inevitable divorce with my husband of 12 years, percussionist Don Alias. After two years of blissful living in Asmo’s dimension, I asked him to allow a man into our life. Soon after, in 1995, hurricane Luis lifted my roof, leading me to seek shelter with a neighbor, which resulted in a 10 month amorous relationship with her brother. This was a precursor to meeting Vincent Brown (Juny), my husband since 20 years. The name Luis was one of the first of many hurricane name anagrams. Lui(s) – lui means him in French... and the ‘s’ at the end signifies more than one male. It was a very destructive force which threw me into another lover’s arms. It seems the angel sent me to this man out of love, in recognition of my need to also have a human mate. Many hurricane name synchs followed…

My name is Catherine Emily Brown. I'm an interior decorator based on St. Maarten. Starting in 2007, as a hobby, I posted regularly on Bill Maher’s page, giving voice to an intuitive school of thought to counter his trademark rationalism. In 2008, my blog adventure took on a mystical dimension. Hurricane synchs caught me by surprise, starting with hurricane Omar (Oh Maher). There are funny stories to share about 2009’s hurricane Bill and others. All the while, my angel is an ever flowing source of love: in 2010, hurricane Hermine’s bulls-eye to Brownsville was poetic and intriguing.

It’s important to note that Mr. Maher and I don’t know each other personally. Nevertheless something about him inspires the creative manifestations of the mind in synchromystical connection with nature.
 I wish I could say I have the power and imagination to direct anything about the way consciousness interacts with energy in these daily processions of synchronicities, but I don't... I'm the feminine vessel, holder and giver of love and laughter. As to the possible meaning of the angel, I like to apply the Tibetan non-dualistic approach... he could be the 90% of our mind, or of the universe, which is not readily understood by science. He might be the manifestation of the many African spirits my late husband Don called out to during his mesmerizing solos with Miles Davis, Dave Sanborn etc... I also witnessed UFO's when I was a teen and sent out telepathic messages how I'd love to share some fun with them, so there could be a connection on that level... 

Or, is the Joker profiled, and he's more esoteric than he lets on?